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Monthly Fees 2022/2023- Breakdown

Click here to view how our monthly fees are worked out for 2022/2023..

Monthly Fees - Pay By Hours System

Once your child has attended ROAM for more than 2 months, we ask that everyone joins our pay monthly system. Fees are worked out at 36 weeks per year and then divided equally across 12 months, so that you pay 12 equal payments the first week of each month. If you join mid way through the year, fees will also be charged the same monthly amount. 

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Event/Competition Dates 2020/2021

Please note that this is a rough guideline of competition and event dates. We will update this throughout the year, as due to COVID-19, we currently only have a few dates planned. 

Click here to view the event/competition dates for 2020/2021.

Click Here to view our anti-bullying policy. 

Social Media and Safeguarding Policy.

COVID-19 Restrictions and Guidelines for ROAM.


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the months ahead.

Thursday 20th October 7.30-8.30pm

£1 each.

Auditions for own pieces for Winter Wonderland Show

In all of our showcases, we give our students the opportunity to choreograph / create their own work and showcase it on stage. We are looking for students who wish to choreograph and perform their own solos, duets and small group pieces in our Winter Wonderland show. If you'd wish to come along to audition your own piece, please contact Laura.


10th December 2022

Winter Wonderland Show

All students from ROAM are invited to take part in our Winter Wonderland Christmas showcase! The evening will be a celebration of our students' dance and music work. Tickets will be available to be purchase from Laura from 6th November onwards. 


Cost: £5 to take part, this includes rehearsals and photography costs, allowing you access to all photographs of the show. This will be due on the day. 

All dancers will require a t shirt which they will wear for all pieces in the show. T shirts are £15 and required to be paid for by November 6th via cash in an envelope.  

Location: Blackburn Chapel & Theatre, Prestfelde School.


15th July 2023 

ROAM Summer Show  - Walker Theatre, Theatre Severn. 

Dancers will be asked to be dropped off at the theatre at 6pm. The show will commence at 7.30pm. 

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