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We hold a few DANCEATHONS each year to raise money for the dance school, costumes, our teams to go to competitions and for charity. 

Our danceathons are open to the public, and are a FUN day of back to back classes with only short breaks for food/drinks. You can either be sponsored to attend the event or you can pay £10 to attend a full day of classes. Danceathons are usually 8 hours long. 

Danceathons are for ALL abilities and we hold a wide range of classes with lots of guest teachers and opportunities for our older students to lead their own classes and teach their own choreography too. There is a real diverse mixture of classes held at danceathons from contemporary classes, to fun theatre dance classes, hip hop, jazz, fitness, flexibility, yoga and more. There is something for everyone and it is a great way to build friendships and confidence throughout the day too. 

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