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ROAM Workshops 

We regularly hold workshops with professional dancers/choreographers that are currently working in the industry or workshops with a variety of teachers from all over the UK. These workshops are open to the PUBLIC. You do not need to attend the dance school to attend the workshops, all are welcome. We believe that children/teens/adults training in dance, should be given opportunities to experience dance from a wide range of different dancers/choreographers, and we aim to bring teachers in from all over the country in a range of styles.

We have hosted workshops with many dancers/choreographers included:

Kaea Pearce (The Royal Family - New Zealand)

Ricky Jinks (The Greatest Dancer)

Sasha Woodward (The Greatest Dancer)

Joel Tolhurst (SOAR) 

Bly Richards (Hip hop and house)

Rhimes Lecointe (Waacking)

 Tiagos Santos (Waacking)

Alex Gore (Hip Hop)

Scott Holtom (Britain's Got Talent)

Megan Bowers (Commercial)

Abbi Holden (Hip hop) 

Joseph Mannion (Contemporary) 

And many more! 

Our workshops are sometimes 'intensive days' of back to back workshops, or they can be single workshops held individually. Workshops are often held in hip hop or street styles, commercial, contemporary and jazz. 


We do not currently have any upcoming workshops. 

Check this page regularly to see updates on workshops that we are hosting. 

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